Celebrate August With A Pair of Peridot July 25 2014, 0 Comments

Whether you're looking for an August birthday gift, or you just love the color green, come see our beautiful Peridot pieces!

August Birthstone – Peridot

Color: Shades of green
Properties: Protection, peace, power and luck
Origin: Brought to earth by volcanoes; Supply comes from Arizona, China, Myanmar and Pakistan
Fun Fact: As of now, Peridot is the only gemstone found in meteorites

Horoscope – Leo & Virgo

Leo Characteristics (7/23-8/22): Leos are often opinionated with a strong sense of pride but also very loyal and willing to help others. They share an energetic vibe and always see the glass half-full
Virgo Characteristics (8/23-9/22): Virgos are very intelligent with an eye for detail. They are hard workers and very realistic, calling things as they see it rather than sugarcoating it.


For the month of August, buy one piece of Peridot and get a second piece for 10% off!