Autumn Inspired Jewels! October 25 2016, 0 Comments

The days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer, and there is the smell of pumpkin spice everywhere! To be sure, Autumn is here, and is inspiring us with its gorgeous colors. We are bundling up in our scarves and adorning ourselves with beauty.

Moonbeams SS & Amethyst Earrings

Moonbeams Jewelry features darkened sterling silver, gold-fill accents, and gorgeous stones. We love the contrast between the Amethyst and the darkened silver in these earrings!

Moonbeams Jewelry at Silverado Portland

Not to mention the sultry beauty of a wide range of pearls on darkened sterling silver. From white pearls to peacock pearls, these gorgeous freshwater gems are a favorite of Moonbeams Jewelry, and we couldn't agree more.

If darkened sterling is not your thing, perhaps you would like something more along the lines of jewelry by Sara Danielle. Using sterling silver, gold-fill, and gemstones, Sara Danielle creates sweet, simple jewelry that is perfect for any occasion. Her collections are inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the colors that surround us.

Sara Danielle at Silverado Portland

Her bright and beautiful colors absolutely remind us of fall trends--bringing in those gorgeous tones of garnet reds, deep magenta, with splashes of blues and greens. Sara Danielle's jewelry makes great gifts and can be worn from day to night.

Looking for more jewelry inspred by Autumn? Come on in and see us today!