18K Gold Four Star Wave Necklace


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This Necklace was created to capture the essence of the stars. It is to be worn for all occasions and has a lasting durability. Adel Chefridi is one of our best creators of handmade diamond products. This 18k gold wavy pendant has four hand set diamonds in the center. It hangs from and antiqued silver chain to show that it is elegant yet rugged enough to handle all situations.

Measurements and Materials:

  • 16" Sterling Silver Chain
  • Beautiful Satin Finish
  • Approximately Four .4 Carat Diamonds
  • Harmony Recycled Metals
  • Kimberly Process Approved Diamonds

How It's Made:

Adel Chefridi creates every piece originally starting with a piece of wax. He carves it by hand until a desired form takes shape. Then the mold is cast using harmony recycled metals. Each piece is cleaned and hand set in their studio in Woodstock, NY.


Why Adel Chefridi?

Adel Chefridi Fine Jewelry is a husband and wife team based out of Woodstock, NY and are members of the Ethical Metalsmiths Organization. Adel Chefridi's work emphasizes simplicity, wearability, and an openness to light and movement. Using harmony recycled metals and naturally sourced stones, his pieces have a friendly peaceful feel that make them wearable everyday. Silverado Portland carries Adel Chefridi because of his elegance with design and his creative use of sterling silver and diamonds. Fine jewelry is traditionally made using gold and platinum causing a high price point. The use of silver allows us to provide beautiful fine jewelry at a lower price.


Repair and Warranty:

  • Lifetime warranty on workmanship
  • A full year of re-sizing on rings at no charge
  • If damaged by the customer then damages are checked and a quote will be given.

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