Black Stone Pendant Necklace


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This pendant necklace features a black river stone, with quartz inclusions, set in sterling silver and hung from a sterling silver chain. Measuring 18", this necklace is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. The stone measures just over 1" long.

Measurements and Materials:

  • Black River Stone
  • Sterling Silver
  • 18" long with 1+" long stone pendant
  • Signature hook clasp

Why Rebecca Bashara?

Rebecca Bashara's jewelry springs from the melding of a naturalist and a natural-born artist/metalsmith. Her original designs reverberate with the peace, freedom and spontaneity of a walk on the beach, a hike along a river trail, a climb up a mountain peak, or a meditation in the deepest of woods. Rebecca is a true rock hound. Her newest jewelry contains stones from the Puget Sound and the Columbia River Gorge.

As a child in Iowa, Rebecca could be found meandering along the river or the railroad tracks looking for stones, pieces of glass, or natural objects. She was fascinated by the miniature and spent hours looking at grasshoppers and other tiny objects of nature. This interest led her into the art of jewelry design and metalsmithing.

Her talent was discovered early and Rebecca began selling her creations when she was just a teenager. She refined and honed her craft at the DesMoines Art Center on a Talented and Gifted Scholarship; at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Gatlinburg, Tennessee; and at the Penland School of Arts and Crafts, Asheville, North Carolina. Later, she earned a degree in Metalsmithing at the University of Kansas. She spent half a year wandering in Hawaii, "carrying her studio in a suitcase," while creating and selling jewelry made from ocean glass and other found objects. Ever since, Rebecca has made her living as a metalsmith and jewelry maker. She continues to develop her skills through workshops.

Rebecca lives and works in rural Klickitat, Washington, surrounded by the wild beauty of the Columbia River Gorge. The fact that her creativity springs from her everyday life is apparent if you visit her. Her house is her studio: smooth shimmering stones lie drying in her bathtub and sink; her kitchen table is a rotating mosaic of shapes, colors and textures; stones and metal gather in heaps and mounts stirring for Rebecca to cut and work them into artistic pieces of adornment.

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