Terri Logan Horizontal Pods


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These gorgeous silver earrings feature contemporary hollow-formed pod shapes and an elegant, long hook. The sterling has been given a patina to add depth and contrast to the shapes, and they hang about 2" down from the ear.

Measurements and Materials:

  • Sterling Silver
  • 2" long
  • Patina

How It's Made:

Terri Logan is primarily self-taught and her work is based on formal concerns, design and function. She makes jewelry because of the intimacy the function allows. Logan combines metal and stones because they are inherently strong materials. This combination allows her to integrate the industrial and organic elements of our world. Logan often uses river stones and does her own lapidary work, creating unique shapes and textures.

Repair and Warranty:

We want you to have your Terri Logan jewelry for years to come, so if anything goes wrong with your piece, please let us know.

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